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Should auld acquaintance be forgotten? - I am what I am [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Rusty Satellites

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Should auld acquaintance be forgotten? [Dec. 31st, 2007|04:40 pm]
Rusty Satellites
Has some devil held me home these past few days so that my legs would become weary and my dreams penetrable?  (I know, in "reality" it was from love of a brother who I did not want to leave at home) This is what happens to me.  

---------------------And here is the new year a-comin'
                              when something always seems to

I have not yet begun to accept the Middle Way--
                                           after all this time!  (haw haw...time)
Still too obsessed with EXTREMISM & NON-OBEDIANCE
wake up, you dolt

some people were born to suffer
accept it
       no use moving so  s l o w l y

Shower Blossoms:
    1. Arguing Buddha is better than Christ is just arguing semantics
    2. The entire English language is a koan
    3. Everything I do has a reason
Nothing I've done was reasonable
      (explains #2 --Extract reasonable
                                   from reason
I'm not able...har har)
Prepare, and lo'
BEHOLD the Golden light Vehicle

Resolution 1:
    Strop trying to force on a halo
Resolution 2:
    Never allow "life-living" to interfere with
"God-loving" (get priorities straight)
Resolution 3:
    Don't worry about purity--it is pure
    Don't worry about darkness-- it is dark
    Don't worry about emptiness-- it is empty
    Don't worry aobut thatness-- it is that
    Don't worry about sameness--
                 It's All the Same Thingness

Somehow I am an apple in God's endless Eyes. Praised Be.